Born and raised in Cambodia Siamone learned at a very early age how to cook Authentic Cambodian and Thai dishes. She brought these skills and recipes to America when she moved here in 1974. Her goal and dream was to one day be able to share these recipes and dishes with everyone by opening here own restaurant. Finally her dream was fulfilled on 03/26/2006 when she opened Siamones Thai Pub in the Gala Commons Complex on Rte. 224 across from Springfield Lake.

Since opening people have come from all over to taste her Authentic Cuisine including Dave Robinson of the Green Bay Packers, professional golfers Robert Allenby and Padraig Harrington Stan Pyatt and Jim Midock of WNIR radio in Akron.

Siamone invites you to come out and try some of her specialty dishes including Siamones Signature dish with grilled shrimp & Scallops, Stir fried in a delicate white wine sauce and accented with a touch of ginger tossed with mixed vegetables. For those of you who like it spicy try her Drunken Crew (not for the tame at heart) This is a dish of Fresh HOT Thai chilies blended with crushed, fresh garlic and onion, galanga (Siamese Ginger) and basil leaves stir-fried with a sauce of whiskey, palm sugar, fish sauce, red and green bell peppers, mushrooms served with pork, chicken, beef or shrimp.

Kitchen Hours: Tuesday Through Friday Lunch 11-2 Dinner 4-10 Saturday Dinner 4-10

Lounge Hours  Tuesday through Friday 11am-11pm  Saturday 4pm-11pm

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